Bluetooth Headset

model: EP2

Mobile phone encryption companion

One click, you can achieve end-to-end full encryption 

intercommunication between the different networks

Mobile phone companion:   With Bluetooth connectivity, supporting a variety 

                                                of standard mobile phone to use

Voice encryption:                  One key by One call full encryption, standard algorithm

Data encryption:                   Short messages encryption intercommunication

Different network 

intercommunication:            Encryption Intercommunication with 

                                                other DR4H inside devices between different network

Convenience and Fashion:    Lavalier retractable receiving line structure, Beautiful, 

                                                 fashion and easy to use

Charging Interface:               Micro USB

Standby time:                        5 days

Encrypt Voice Call time:        2 hours               

Bluetooth:                              3.0

Bluetooth distance:               10 meters

Mobile companion

3 anti secret phone

Model:  CS2   5 modes

CS2S   7 modes

One click, 

you can achieve end-to-end fullencryption 

intercommunication between the different network

Function feature:

Different network intercommunication:   Support encryption intercommunication among 2G/3G/4G, PSTN, IP

Communication Security:       Based DR4H source encryption supporting 

                                                  technology, support standard algorithm

Hardware Security:                   Security Chip + Security T Card

Physical Security:                      IP68 Waterproof and dust-proof/ MIL-STD-

                                                 810G US military standard

                                                 Shockproof level: 1.2m, 26 directions freefall

3 anti secret phone


IP-67/2G GSM

New Shield Secure Typewriting

    Secure typewriting method is a very safe application, on the basis of the conventional input method, it introduces the DR4H key distribution and the data encryption technology base on the special security chip, and can be used for a variety of text information  encryption. It achieves encryption in full course, and effectively prevents secrets being stolen by malicious software or middleman. 


Anti leakage:Based on DR4H source encryption technology support system and key exchange technology ,it achieves text, image and data encryption;

Encryption base on hardware:Based on the special security chip, It achieves a high level of  security and complies with the relevant confidentiality specifications;

Algorithm:Support for Chinese standards, international standards, industry custom encryption algorithm;

One Message One Key:Each key can only be used for a pair of specific callers, and can only be used once;

Wide scope of application:It can be used on all kinds of portable, desktop terminal to support SMS, WeChat, QQ, micro-blog, e-mail, Notepad, memo, electronic notes source encryption, etc.;

Many forms:Security chip, security t-card, security Bluetooth headset, security Bluetooth SIM card , security Bluetooth video card, financial Bluetooth shield, security smart car keys, etc..

Communication security:Voice and data encryption, based on DR4H source encryption supporting technology system;

Voice encryption:The poorest recognition rates, high confidentiality ;

Hardware security:Based on the dedicated security chip, hardware encryption/decryption is implemented with high security assurance, which strictly meets the relevant confidentiality testing specifications;

Security algorithm:Supporting national cryptography algorithm,international encryption standard, and industry custom encryption/decryption algorithms;

Speech quality:High performance audio compression technology,speech quality is quite clear, with strong resistance against noise disturbance;Supporting data services,which is easy to error-free relay;

Convenient management:upporting background control, group management, timely update, and remote shutdown;

Flexible extension:Through the gateway equipment, interoperability can be realized with the traditional cluster network, radio and other special terminals;

Else:Supporting single chat, group chat, message record viewing, positioning, and paging.

POC intercom is one kind of security application APP based on the mobile phone network. Without special cluster base station, it can be deployed as long as it is within the coverage of mobile network. It has multiple functions that include: the wide area secure cluster intercom, audio call, map positioning, image capture, video monitor, short message, location reporting, and one key alarm.Basing on user level, group, and permission management, it is a low-cost, high-efficiency, professional-level means of communication for command scheduling, generation management and collaborative work.