Core Shield(Beijing) Information Technology Co.,LTd.

The information security technology and overall solutions provider

      We rely on DR4H which is a original Technology system in the industry  and used to supporting  source encryption .

      Our focus is on security chip +firmware and the overall solution for the encryption terminal.The chip  and firmware are is expediently used for secondary development and integration .Our solution does not need to change the user terminal and the existing network.It can  meet the  needs  of users for  Security from end to end ,Different network interoperability, Safe and reliable, Convenient and simple. It also conforms to  strict information security standards.

      It was the first successful implementation of  voice Secret communication  between different  network include mobile network and fixed network.

      The popularity of the network application brings great convenience but also led to huge risks, include  information  leakage,data hijacking and others. 

      To a large extent, the risk comes from the lack of network information security technology, especially in the aspect of key exchange.

      With the help of two factors security ,DR4H technology system can effectively protect the key needed for PS domain data encryption. Accordingly, DR4H technology system can also be widely applied to other areas such as finance, network, car network and industrial 4.0 etc.